Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tips That Every Backpacker In The World Should Know

When you are a student, and sometimes when you want to take time out from your life, the best way to see the world is by backpacking. This is because it is cheap and you will meet like minded people along the way.

Most people who go backpacking will start off their journey on their own but after the first night in their hostel, they will have met a few friends and some of them will continue their journey together.

Backpacking around the world is a lot of fun, but there are a few things that every backpacker should know before they start their travels. These tips are to make sure that they make the best of their trip, so if you are thinking about going backpacking around the world, or even Europe, then read on to see what you are in for.

1. Itinerary - You should plan out an itinerary before you go, otherwise you are going to get to the first hostel and wonder what you are going to do next. The itinerary should be a rough draft of where you are going on each point of the trip. However, you should not be afraid to change it. Circumstances always change and you want to visit somewhere else when you get there. You might even meet someone who is going to one destination next, but you planned to visit that same destination a few weeks later. You should be changing your plans when this happens because you will have a much better time travelling with a friend.

2. Packing - You should be packing light and only taking the bare minimum with because you might be carrying that bag on your back for months and you need to account for all the keepsakes that you might buy along the way. There are always launderettes in cities and some hotels or hostels might have their own facilities where you can wash your clothes. One good think about packing light is that if you are on a plane for any point of your journey, you will not have to pay to check your luggage on the flight. Backpacks are allowed as carry on as long as they weigh under a certain weight.

3. Hostels or Hotels - You should think about where you want to stay when you are travelling. If you want to stay in a nice bed and don't want to be camping, you have a choice of a hotel or hostels. Hostels will be a lot cheaper for you, but some hotels will have offers, which will make them just as cheap. You should look online and read some reviews of hotels or hostels before you book them. Therefore, you will be able to book a hotel or a hostel that will suit you and your method of travel.

4. Groceries - You should not be eating out for every meal because that will eat into the cost of your trip. Some hostels have kitchens where you can make your own food and you will not be far away from a supermarket. You might think that you will be out all day and you won't want to go back to the hostel to eat, but you have a bag and there is nothing stopping you from making a packed lunch.

5. Make friends along the way - Don't be afraid to start your travels alone because part of backpacking is making sure that you make friends along the way. Some hostels have events like Salsa lessons, where people can take a class and meet friends there, so it isn't as stressful as walking up to someone and trying to make conversation with them.